Infiltration expert and adept. Connection 3


Lafeyette Burdock: Real SIN (Knight Errant LTD Corp), wanted by UCAS military Shedim for Istanbul job.
Jane Counterpoint R4, private security, R5 licenses for gun and flash-bangs.
Rita Bartholomew: R3, Maintenance Woman, R4 License.
Elsa Blonden: R2, maintenance.

Eidritch: Conn 5 / Loy 2
Koro: Conn 2 / Loy 1
Tobias Cheney: Conn 5 / Loy 2


An infiltration mage, with a limited spell-casting ability focussed on stealth. Broad skill base, and proficient with most infiltration gear. Currently working for The Exchange, after Tobias Cheney oversaw her recovery following her near death in GeMiTo.

Very nervous around elves. She follows a Warrior’s Code, to not kill the innocent and to choose nonlethal solutions where possible, though this sometimes comes into conflict with her Cat mentor, who causes her to toy with her prey.


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