Lady Brane Deigh

Queen of the Seelie Court. Connection 9


“Rian” aka Queen of the Seelie Court, TNN’s true ruling body, which mostly deals with matters elven, magical, and astral.

Widow of Liam O’Connor, whose popular leadership she and others in the Danaan Families used to secure their elven state, before betraying and killing him after he refused to fully embrace their elven supremacist agenda.

She is allied with traditionalists in the Seelie Court as well as TNN and Tir Tairngire, but is obsessed with acquiring powerful artifacts to expand the court’s Arcana, and will make deals with outsiders to pursue this goal.

She claims to be a changeling, which may be a power play to secure non-Elven fae support, amongst the many fae who are frustrated by their elven-dominated royalty.

Lady Brane Deigh

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