Kenneth Brackhaven

Seattle Governor. Connection 7


Loads of scandals and ties to racist/Human supremacist groups (including an uncle heading a Humanis chapter) have yet to bring him down. Recently won re-election vs. Eliza Bloom, but was unable to prevent the passage of Prop 23, her main agenda.

DA Dana Oaks has been acquiring all the evidence she can muster to take him down once and for all, after his backers assassinated her boss and all her fellow ADA’s.

Has deep ties in Seattle’s financial industries, including a controlling interest in Brackhaven Investments.

Rumors have long persisted that the REAL Kenneth was an ork who was drowned shortly after birth, and swapped for a human orphan who really rose to the occasion, and proved to be the sociopathic genius that the denizens of Seattle have been stuck with for years.

Uses Gregory Zane as his main fixer for shadow ops, with backup from gangers such as Bios-Fear as needed.

Kenneth Brackhaven

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