Jina Eson

Major simstar/fashionista. Connection 5


In a highly publicized and discussed on-again/off-again relationship with high profile celebrity intellectual Romulus Chandrasekharan. She is an elven simstar, sought after initially mostly for her good looks, although she is finally gaining some respect for her acting as well. Since she manages to hold her own against Romulus in their many televized fights, she appears to be no intellectual lightweight, either. She is the star most other up and coming female Mars City simstars (and many of the male) wish to emulate.

She survived a weeklong kidnapping by notorious undercity gang the Black Shadows, who brazenly snatched her in broad daylight in the upper city streets. Romulus supposedly paid out an undisclosed amount in ransom. She claims not to remember anything of her captivity, although she returned missing a kidney.

She recently launched a fashion line with Horizon, which has been covered extensively by various Mars City blogs and publications. Called ‘2020 Frvr’ it is a revival of early 21st century styles, now made available in a wider variety of sizes to accomodate the much larger (and more accepted) metahuman population of the 2070’s. Relocated to LA ahead of Romulus, and has proven quite a social success there.

Jina Eson

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