Frosty Jane

Jane Foster, aka Frosty. Connection 7


The team at first thought Jane was a human, but she was later revealed to be an elf. She seems a little kinder-hearted than their usual acquantainces and employers, but also seems to have been around long enough to understand the team’s talents and uses. She often operates on behalf of the Draco Foundation and DIMR.

They have discovered that she has a rep as a pro shadowrunner, with a somewhat obscured/mysterious past. She appears to be working for the powerful, and long-lived elf (and former High Prince of Tir Taingire) Ehran the Scribe, and is a high-level initiate mage, who at some point trained with Harlequin. Her most-prized possession is a ring power focus bequeathed to her by Dunkelzahn.

Thankyou has come to rely on her heavily for advice and assitance, especially with his attempts to free himself from those who have been manipulating him, and his efforts to regain some of his lost humanity. However, Daedelus may be using a Jane simulation to manipulate TY.

She posts on Jackpoint as Frosty.

Frosty Jane

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