Former Deus node, now Cereus. Connection ?


A young girl trapped in the QZ. Rescued by the team at Fenway, she seems to have lost her sole caregiver in the outbreak, so the team has put her in the hands of Smedley Pembrenton III to watch over and train to survive. She is a latent technomancer, somewhat skilled but totally untrained. She took a shine to Chessick Allens-Whitehill and Senk Gethin especially, and seems a bit weirded out by Christopher Toff.

As it turns out (details in Boston Part 14) she was actually carrying a sizable portion of Deus in a biological storage unit in her brain, which seemingly explains her skill at hacking, and her ability to survive the massive nanite dose she likely sustained at Fenway.

After Deus vacated the premises, they sold the body to Cereus, as it can obviously handle having an AI inside it.


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