Orange Lady, Great Dragon. Connection 10


Formerly based in NoCal, she has recently fallen (and been pushed) from power, losing her spot as a Prince in Tir Tairngire, having her hoard disassembled and divided amongst others, and getting driven from her home in Shasta, as well as losing her base of support there when the Shasta Shamans were killed or disbursed. She is surely plotting how to return…

She is a media expert, and one of the most publicly popular greats since Dunkelzahn’s death, she is seen as a champion of metahuman, awakened, technomancer, and metasapient rights. She hires runners frequently, often as The Orange Lady, her handle on the the old Shadowland BBS. She is thought to still be active on ShadowSea.

Rumors recently place her in southern Tir Tairngire, building a new lodge, and re-establishing her clutch. As usual, she has a good number of shamans nearby, but she seems to be focussing on creating a techno-haven, and attracting large numbers of technomancers to her banner (and patronage). There have been reports of some sort of technomancer paramilitary operating along the West Coast, so this may be the start of her rebuilding her empire.


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