Madame Gavral

Talismonger, Mars Survivor. Connection 4


Eastern European talismonger. Her shop is a longstanding Mars fixture. She provides info about current awakened happenings, as well as supplies and fencing services. Indeterminate age, but not young. Her shop seems to also be her sanctuary: there are some serious wards around it, to protect her from unknown enemies, and she is not known to leave. The shop staff are all heavily cloaked and masked metahumans of indeterminate race and origin. None appear to be trolls, based on their size.

Has recently had supply chain issues, having lost contact with her courier and her usual harvesting op, located near Heliopolis. She has hired a team to investigate. They found a ghoul nest, and returned with her supplies, so her shop is back in business, as long as Helipolis can keep the stuff coming.

Invited K to a meeting of the Hermetic Order of the Crimson Lands, a magical study group of which she is a part.

Wound up in Istanbul under a fake name after fleeing the fallout from the Dragon Wars.

Madame Gavral

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