Elton Massey

Mid-level Ares/KE Asset Manager. Connection 5


He is a mid-40’s human male of English and Asian descent. He favors well-cut suits.


Elton Massey is an ex-Londoner now living on Mars working for Ares Macrotechnology subsidiary Knight Errant. Tobias Cheney was introduced to him through Patrick Henry Hughes, as a useful contact to pursue his undercity domination goals.

Handled the betrayal of Tobias and the undercity gangs quite efficiently, ensuring his higher-ups gave him more responsibility, as well as a quick transfer when requested.

Massey is a “contract manager”, meaning essentially a corporate fixer. He helps assign jobs to different KE teams, as well as outside contractors, and manages some of KE’s security contracts. Relocated back to London.

Elton Massey

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