Dr. Gunter Von Bach

The Puppet Master Killer. Connection 2


Using his skills as a neuro-scientist and psychiatrist, he created a huge pool of sleeper assassins from patients at his BTL-addiciton treatment clinics in the AGS. He is on the run from various authorities, including Interpol, who dubbed him the Puppet Master.

Also wanted by Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries after some of his clients used his puppets to attempt to assassinate some higher-ups. This is how he was found out originally- “The Puppet Master Killer” was previously unidentified.

Has undergone extensive surgery to conceal his identity. It is unclear if he has a new practice set up, or is still merely selling the activation codes to his existing subjects. Full sociopath, who only cares about the research and the money.

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Dr. Gunter Von Bach

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