Lil' D, Boston's Favorite Dragon. Connection 9


Lil’ D, as the people of Boston have affectionately dubbed him, bares only a passing physical resemblance to Dunkelzahn, the real similarity is in their love for metahumanity. Damon spends almost all of his time in metahuman form (though the form he chooses changes frequently- even his true gender is unknown). The one uniform aspect are his striking purple eyes, flashing with lightning.

He loves partying, clubbing, music, dancing, and almost any sort of risk-taking. Skydiving, exotic drugs, ultra-fast motorcycles are some of his many activities. He also owns a variety of bars. clubs, and rental properties globally, and has gotten heavily into the entertainment and management biz since settling (for now) in Boston. Maintains a number of Runner Crash Pads in cities where he owns property, and which he rents out to selectively chosen runners.

He has also been cultivating contacts (and controversy) in Salem, where his frequent attendance at Wiccan rituals, and the crowd that follows him, have split the community and attracted hardline radicals from outside to come the aid of both factions. He seems to have been using their magic to establish and empower a dragon Leyline that runs between South Boston and Salem.

Romantically linked to a wide variety of personages world-wide, but currently in an on-again/off-again relationship with Mayor Meghan Rylan.


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