Christopher Toff

Dwarf Mystic


Street Name: Pulse

jackpoint Name: Pulse (Full Member)

-Interfere with meta-hate groups
-Uncover mysteries for the Mentor spirit Flowers St. Simone.
-Protect innocent bystanders.

Mentor Spirit: Oracle.

Christpoher Toff: Real SIN. Saeder-Krupp LTD. Licenses for magic/foci.
Bulwark Neutangle: R1 underground dweller.
Tappytone Metroplex: R4 with licenses. Professor of religious studies.

Emanuel Notaro: Conn 2 / Loy 1
Gurzag: Conn 3 / Loy 2
Marcus Fireborn: Conn 1 / Loy 1
Thadius Mortician: Conn 4 / Loy 2
Artholomew Johnson: Loy 3 / Conn 5
Agatha Hawthorne: Loy 1 / Conn 3
Charles Findlay: Loy 1 / Conn 3
Jean-Claude Priault: Loy 1 / Conn 5
Sid Gambetti: Loy 1 / Conn 3
Lothan The Wise: Loy 1 / Conn 4
Thankyou aka Eckhard Roberts: Loy 1 / Conn 5
Dr. Eric Kersh: Loy 2 / Conn 5
Sully: Loy 1 / Conn 5
Lucky Liam: L1 / C4
Viktor Markwart: L1 / C3
Allison Sanborn: L1 / C4
Musa Matevosian: L1 / C2
Nathan Proudfoot: L1 / C2
DJ McCarthy: L1 / C3
Sarah McCarthy: L1 / C3
Jane: L2 / C1
Smedley Pembrenton III: L2 / C4
Shane O’Connor: L1 / C4
Ron Deveaux: L1 / C3
Erika Knowles: L1 / C5
Scarlett: L2 / C3
Barzhin: L2 / C3

Magical Orders:
The Ash Union: Due-paying member.
ASPS: Membership offered.
Children of the Dragon: Due-paying member.


“In the Fifth World, the Lord came to us, was slain by human ignorance and took the sins from the world, closing the Devil’s Gate into our souls. In the Sixth World, the Lord came to us, was slain by meta-human ignorance and closed the Devil’s Gate into our very world.”

1) Cis-male, chaste. Toff isn’t open about sexuality and doesn’t think it’s relevant to him as he is chaste. He gets awkward around pretty boys though. He slept around a little in college.
2) He is about regular height for a dwarf, but pretty skinny.
3) Blond hair and beard, hair usually pulled into a pony tail and his beard is in numerous matted braids.
4) He’s not bad looking, spends a lot of time in his running gear. Gadget equipped helmet and armor jacket, he can shift the colors of the jacket to blend into the background somewhat but will often keep it white with a crimson cross, entwined with a white and blue western dragon. He’s gentle and warm, easy to talk to, very comfortable with injured people. Less comfortable out of the role of caretaker.
5) Born near Seattle, in a Saeder-Krupp community. Went to college at MIT&T in 2050.
6) Toff is pretty old, mid-40’s, born in 2032. The oldest of 3 children. No longer close to his parents, they were Christian but very loyal to SK and are totally not down with the church of the dragon stuff.
7) Not close to his parents anymore, hasn’t heard from them since 2054. They think he’s a liability for their corporate lives, they were sort of showing him off when he started exhibiting strong magical ability and he turned it into an embarrassment for them with his religious/political views.
8) No family. He’s got a group of people he looks after at the edges of the Ork Underground though.
9) MIT&T. Very promising clairvoyant and very promising in astral space, he was recruited pretty hard. His parents wanted him to develop his talents and join them working for SK as some kind of wage-mage. Spent three years studying the Hermetic approach at MIT&T, and really struggled with it. He got really interested in relics and artifacts around this time, his astral abilities made him a good hunter and he went on some relic hunting operations during school and made some connections to that world.
10) He’s worked in the field at school, and then, after getting pretty gently kicked out, as an independent contractor for some SK magical relic hunting stuff. For the past few years he’s been lying low in Seattle, getting the hang of the Underground and providing medical assistance to people on the edge, doing some shadow work when he can.
He does his medical work in the underground, rollerblading silently around invisibly healing people. He watches for people in need with watcher spirits and clairvoyance.
11) He is a Christian/Dragon Cultist, and believes that Dunkelzahn is the second coming of Christ. He further believes that Ghostwalker is Dunkelzahn raised from the dead. He doesn’t see any conflict with any of this. This puts him at odds with the mainstream Christian church, Aztechnology, and SK.
When he was studying at MIT&T on a job looking for magical relics he found a locket and an old journal belonging to pre-awakening Christian clairvoyant and mystic Flowers St. Simone. Toff immediately bonded to the locket and in her journal read that she knew of that the Sixth World was coming and that Christ would return as a dragon, die, and be resurrected. At this moment Toff abandoned the Hermetic approach and became a shaman devoted to this totem. Inspired by her writings he became chaste and gave up eating as long as meta-human inequality remains in the world. Flowers died of starvation in the end of the 20th century. Toff spoke to a trusted professor, who put him in contact with Thadius Mortician and helped him get out of school and relocate to the west coast. Once there he helped him get work.
12) He believes that we are to discover the knowledge that God has hidden in the world. Very in favor of meta-human rights, including ghouls and other infected, environmentalism and education, though not necessarily though the university system. Strongly against blood magic and toxic shamans.
13) Goals include securing the Ork Underground, helping pro-meta struggle. Dunkelzahn said that “while we may wish to aid metahumainity in it’s quest for knowledge … we should not deny them the joy of discovery in doing so”. He doesn’t actively preach, he believes that God is working in the world in a way that is active enough that people will see it on their own, and he wants them to have that experience. He wants to discover more knowledge for himself and the Dragon Church.
14) He was forced out of his university path because he didn’t report finding the locket and journal, both of which are magical items. While he isn’t wanted or actively on the run, he is not currently welcome at MIT&T. His beliefs about religion put him at odds with many legit employers. He really wants to heal people more than anything else, but can’t get by too long without digging around for relics.
15) He’s warm, open and not preachy. He gets flustered around real pretty boys. Not preachy, but talks about God and the Devil actively working in the world around him, good things are directly because of God and angels working in his favor and bad things are the fault of the Devil and his many spirits and earthly servants, both those aware of their work (blood mages etc.) and those who are not.
16) Special Qualities: Toff has visions, mostly of the present but he’s had visions of the future and of the past. He believes that Flowers St. Simone is showing him things to help spread the word of Jesus and the Dragon Church. He is very plan-focused and thinks that it is up to us to follow the plans that the Lord helps us to devise.
17) No good with romantic relationships, won’t hurt innocents if at all possible. Will work to save lives, even enemy lives.
18) Hates blood magic, not a fan of Aztechnology/Aztlan, will work actively against anti-meta groups.
19) Flowers St. Simone, God, Big D. The locket and Journal he found on the East Coast.
20) Goes by Toff, from his legal SIN. He’s the angel of the underground to some, as he mends people’s wounds without showing himself.

Thoughts in Boston:
While the Church of the Dragon, and the intent of Dunkelzahn is what Toff believes is most true, he feels that Ghost Walker represents the compromises he has had to make running in the shadows.

The Horrors:
Dunkelzahn and Ghostwalker are just a Dragons who were born. But so was Christ. I know now that the devil is in the Meta-Planes, that the horrors are coming, and that we are engaged in a critical spiritual battle. Where is God in the meta-planes? Was Christ a message to us about blood magic? Was the crucifixion a blood ritual to keep the horrors at bay? What happened in the middle of the 5th world to bring God’s son into the world?

Christopher Toff

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