Black Lab Owner, Connection 5


Street Name: None yet.

Kuba Filipek:Real LTD Ares corporate SIN. Licensed for ’ware, weapons.
Jacek Ning: R3 fake, License for gun.

Becky 99: Loy 2 / Conn 4
Carol Hindrance: Loy 4 / Conn 2
Sid Gambetti: Loy 3 / Conn 3
Lothan The Wise: Loy 1 / Conn 4
Jaro: Loy 1 / Conn 3
Thankyou aka Eckhard Roberts: Loy 1 / Conn 5


Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, both parents were Ares Macrotechnology employees in the biotech research division. His father was a biochemist and UCAS national, mother a mechanical engineer and Canton Confederation immigrant. Both were part of the teams who took part in the development and deployment of the Fluorescing Astral Bacteria Strain III or FAB III in Chicago.

Chem was a bright student and excelled at the sciences, especially chemistry, and was employed by ARES soon after finishing his university studies. Like his parents he found himself working in the ARES biotech research department where he quickly rose in the ranks using his knack for innovative problem solving. He soon began leading lab research and participating in field studies, including forays into the CZ in Chicago to take samples and observations of the current effects and status of the FAB III infection. Chem enjoyed these dangerous missions and volunteered for them often.

As his CZ knowledge and experiences expanded, Chem received FireWatch combat training and several body augmentations that increased his efficiency in the field. On a mission into the CZ’s gang-controlled areas, Chem’s small team of field scientists and security forces were ambushed by a group of gangers devoted to a toxic shaman. Chem and the ARES security forces did their best to fend off the assailants but they soon were overwhelmed with casualties and were forced to surrender. The gang was not merciful to their prisoners and Chem witnessed in horror as his comrades were tortured, their bodies slowly melted into vats of toxic sludge…

However, Chem’s fate was not sealed, as the commotion of the gang’s brutality drew the attention of a rival gang and the toxic group was abruptly attacked. During the chaos Chem found his escape and fled into the CZ wasteland, but not before receiving severe facial chemical burns. He wandered the CZ until overtaken by exhaustion and was found and revived by creepy street doc Carol Hindrance, who rebuilt his throat and face with an experimental bio-filter. He mostly wears a mask, due to his still-hideous appearance.

Now stranded in the CZ, Chem uses his talents and drive for revenge to find his way in this ruthless landscape, his home and old self drifting further and further away in his mind as each night passes.


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