Blessing Ojo

Muslim District Head/Fixer. Connection 6


Runs the Mushin district in Lagos, under strict sharia law. It is one of the safest and cleanest districts in the mainland portion of the city as a result, but it lacks much of the chaotic flair (and the tolerance for assorted vices) that permeates much of the rest of the city. Headscarves are a must for women, no drugs or alcohol are allowed, but also it is relatively safe for children to walk the streets unaccompanied. However, magic is welcomed, as opposed to some stricter branches of Islam.

One of the largest and best-ogranized open air markets (the Ojuwoye Market) is located here, as well as a few prominent medical clinics run by Egun tribe dwarves.

Ojo lives at the center of it all in a massive white-marble palace, from which he oversees matters or law, society, and the like in his district. This often puts him in the role of a fixer, when he needs something dealt with that is either beyond his reach or outside of the scope of his people’s skillset, varied as they are.

Has some ties to the Alliance Under Allah.

Blessing Ojo

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