Barney Toolen

KE dispatcher, looking to get paid. Connection 2


An uppercity street cop, who Rooster occasionally bribes or cajoles for info. They have bonded over their Irish roots & shared dislike of elves. Barney’s definitely in it for the cold, hard nuyen-who cares about upholding the public good? He just wants to get set up so he can retire in peace. Late 40’s. Cropped hair, ex-military-very disillusioned. Transferred from MCPD to LoneStar when they took over the upper city security contracts a few years back, but hasn’t worked his way up past sergeant, due to an apparent lack of enthusiasm, although his completely average level of competence & performance, and his avoidance (thus far) of scandal, keep him from being fired or given a desk job.

Fled to Seattle during the nanopocalypse, where he got a new job working as a dispatcher for Knight Errant. He is still not very ambitious, and very on the take.

Barney Toolen

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