Aomame 2-Chrome

Smooth-Talking Bludgeonist


Street Name: 2-Chrome

Mentor Spirit: Raven

Aomame: R5 Fake with Licenses for magic, cyber and armor.
Yoshino: Criminal Japan SIN.
Crab Mustardsauce: R1 Fake SIN.
Nakeo: R3 Fake SIN with Licenses for magic, cyber, armor.

Smedley Pembrenton III: L3 / C4
Calista: L4 / C2
Ango Tyrell: L4 / C3
Sarah McCarthy: L1/ C3
Aiden Wagner: L1 / C2

Katsuo Shichirou Tanaka


Born poor in Japan, orphaned at a young age she fell in with the criminal element, but had the charisma and manipulation skills to stay a step or two ahead of the people she was working for, and keep herself relatively independent. Around this time, in her middle teens, Crow started talking to her. She wasn’t fully awakened, but Crow helped her see when she could leverage someone a little more, or push a negotiation a little bit further.

She was working as an escort and occasionally as an assassin in this capacity. She made some enemies through this, but was able to keep things from getting out of control for a few years with Crow’s help playing factions against one another. She got a little cocky around these times, and was using quite a bit of Nova-Coke, with a lot of money coming in and a lot of money getting spent.

She had a job with the Vice President of security for Monobe as an escort, and in his room, once he was asleep, got access to a large stack of cred-chips and data that would be worth a lot to some other clients she had so, on the advice of Crow, she grabbed it all in time to see him waking up and kicking her in the face. Looked like he had picked up a pretty serious looking wakizashi as well. She was a little groggy from the face kick, she managed to roll a little so he just cut one of her arms off with the blade. The shock of this gave Crow the opening needed, and she awakened. Commanding voice made him drop the blade and she was able to knock him down and run out the door, vanishing into the streets of Tokyo.

High as shit, she sold/moved the data to interested parties and dumped the money into a dream cyber arm and more Novacoke. It took very little time for Katsuo Shichirou Tanaka to take a hit out on her, but the whole mess was shameful enough that he wanted to keep it in the shadows. She was able to charm her way into a shipping container headed for the UCAS and spend some time hiding out and doing some runs on the east coast. Crow rewarded her for finding messy situations with even more ability to control the people around her and she was able to keep herself relatively safe for a few years. She felt drawn to Boston, and wasn’t sure why, but when the Cuze went up she couldn’t have been happier. A feast for Crows awaits.

Aomame 2-Chrome

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