Achilles Serifim

Psychotic Cyber-elf, Connection 2


Achilles Serifim: R4 Executive Protection, R4 Licenses for machine pistol and bone lacing. Pronounced “uh-chill-eez.” Known by AZT.
Mees Straub: R1 Tir Citizen. Known by AZT.
Patrocles Trojan: R3 Ex-military pitfighter. Known by AZT.

Elan Harcourt: Loy 1 / Conn 4
Pia Oliversson: Loy 2 / Conn 4
Belial: Loy 1 / Conn 3
Sung Yi: Loy 1 / Conn 4
Gurzag: Loy 1 / Conn 3
Blackhawk: Loy 2 / Conn 4
Izidor Kurtlanik: Loy 1 / Conn 4
Elizabeth Nunn: Loy 1 / Conn 3
Laurent Nazaire: Loy 1 / Conn 5


A massively cybered-up African-American elf smuggler and street sam in his mid-30’s. He got military training (and some mil spec ‘ware) in Tir Tairngire, and has continued to work for factions within the Tir, smuggling various things in and out, mostly through Salish-Shidhe lands to/from Seattle. He’s been branching out into some more shadow work in both Seattle and Cara’Sir, having become somewhat addicted to upgrading and expanding his ’ware and needing more nuyen than he makes smuggling.

He is skilled with ranged weapons, unarmed combat in the elven carromeleg style, and deadly melee with a monofil whip he keeps in a small false thumb tip on his right hand (a memorable look!). He is not very attractive, due to the uncanny valley effect of his obvious headware, and he seems exceptionally unaware of social norms and customs, possibly a symptom of early cyberpsychosis. Lacking social graces, and loaded with killer ’ware, he pretty much always falls back on violence when confronted with a problem, or if something unexpected happens during an existing plan.

Achilles Serifim

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