Patrick Henry Hughes

Former Ares weapons division exec. Now at Saeder-Krupp


Early 30’s human male, Chinese & African-American heritage. Mid-level exec in Ares Macrotechnology weapons r&d. Attended Oxford with Tobias Cheney. They are still very loyal and close to each other, and Tobias often does off-the-books r&d field tests for PHH. very chummy, in a fratboy sort of way.

He was imprisoned by Ares and flown to Detroit after the gun-smuggling debacle on Mars. The team recently “rescued” him, but sold him to Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries. Tobias is none too happy about this turn of events. He was infected by insect spirits in GeMiTo, and killed by the team while cleaning out a facility as a favor to the Exchange.

Patrick Henry Hughes

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