Ex-Problem Children driver. Demolitionist. Connection 3


A Problem Children member, she often works as a driver for One Shot Wade, who doesn’t quite trust Ivan to drive him, due to his drinking problem and big mouth. She helped provide cover for the team while they raided the former Black Shadows run undercity club Slot. Ultraboy! has a crush on her, which has yet to be reciprocated. She led the PC team that helped the team kidnap the Turing Army goon.

She has the left side of her head shaved, with a thick mohawk on top and short hair on the left. Sprawl ganger style. UB! is hopelessly in love…. She finally took UB! up on a romantic night out after his part in crushing Longpig once and for all, (and UB!‘s initiation into the Problem Children) but he failed to impress. We’ll see how things develop!

She has been helping Ultraman care for UB! after he was lobotomized by John Caruthers. They relocated to Chicago after Mars City fell apart, and she has been helping run The Atomizer explosives collective since then.


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