Ango Tyrell

He can buy and sell just about anything-for a price.


Ango is a male dwarf. Likes sleeveless shirts and neothrash. He works mostly as a fence, but also sometimes passes along jobs to the team. He was the one who figured out Remus’ matrix chess match codes, and passed the word on to Scrounge to put together a team and do some quick extraction work. He wasn’t careful enough trying to sell off the data that the team stole from Weyland-Yutani, however, and got himself caught.

Luckily, Scrounge sensed an ambush, and the team avoided death or capture and even rescued Ango. He has felt a debt of gratitude since then, and has done the team a number of favors, as well as passing them quality work when he has it. Has a grudge against Renraku-his brother was killed in the Seattle arcology disaster.

Ties to the Red Vory.

Ango Tyrell

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