Mars City Shadowrun

Two Threats and A Kidnapping

Rooster shows off. And freaks a dude out.

Atlas Park

The team gets started on Ibn Hassan’sjob. Nomusais still mysteriously absent, which freaks TY out a bit, but everyone else talks him down, since Nomusa passed on some of his Azanian contacts before vanishing. The team gets three names from Hassan.
Nicolette Ecorj: The overall head of immigration and inspections at the Cape Town spaceport.
Jaime Esperanza: One of Ecorj’s division heads, in charge or organizing and assigning inspections teams.
Abdul Suleiman: Another of Ecorj’d division heads, oversees immigration quota enforcement. Is rumored to be an ICCB plant in the supposedly neutral body governing the spaceport.

In reality of course, the spaceport is controlled by corporate interests. But, they think they can use his position as a spy againt him, if they can prove it. Hassan tells the team that he want these 3 officials compromised in order to allow a group of about 4 dozen people fleeing persecution in the Caliphate to emigrate to Mars. This group will also include a half dozen prominent dissidents, who Hassan is worried will be targeted for assassination, either on Earth, during transport, or on Mars, if the fact that they are present is discovered. So the team needs to bend quotas for the bulk of the group (or smuggle them), and keep the prominent figures entirely off record.

They start with Ecorj. Exocetis able to scare up a little bit of info: Ecorj is looking to move up in the world, and is mulling a run for city council. She is popular with local conservatives, and has a ‘tough on crime & immigration’ record. Esparanze is rumored to skim off shipments with some frequency, although he is careful not to steal from Megacorps. Suleiman is widely thought to be an ICCB spy, and to occasionally use his position to smuggle ICCB agents off planet, as well as gaining travel info on ICCB citizens and regional dissidents.

LS, using his philanthropist SIN, attends some Cape Town society events, and discovers some evidence that Ecorj is associating with Humanis affiliates in her run for office. He attends a conservative party fundraiser, and confronts her with images of her in the company of some rumored Humanis members that a rival politicain gives him. She takes him to a private room, and asks what he wants. He lays out the general outline of the plan, and suggests that she look the other way on the day in question. She says that if he can prove the allegations against her subordinates, she will be willing, as she can then blame them for any irregularities. LS agrees.

They go after Esperanza first, as Ecorj agrees to give him the night off and tells them which hotel he’ll be at. She also gives an overtly racist description of Esparanza’s ‘type’, who Rooster plans to impersonate, using his various magical disguise abilities. He decides to not go for the racist bits, and changes to look like a female elf. He meets Esparanza in the bar, as planned, and takes him up to his room, where TY is waiting. They strongarm him about his skimming off of shipments, and tell him that they will be in touch when they need a favor. He caves quickly after TY fires his silenced implanted submachine gun into the floor next to his head. They exit, Rooster shifting back and changing into Esparanze’s spare suit. They tell Ecorj that he admitted to the skimming, although they didn’t get definite proof.

Meanwhile, Atlas has gotten himself kicked out of the bar for running prostitutes without the establishment’s ok. The goons who boot him tell him that his girl works for them now, and Atlas enjoys a silent laugh as he exits. The team meets back up, and contacts Ecorj again to find out about Suleiman. He apparently lives in the secure spaceport base housing, as most employees have to, and rarely leaves. They plan to kidnap him, after which LS will deepscan his mind, and pass info onto Rooster, who will impersonate him on the day in question. They will keep Suleiman dosed with Laes, to make sure he doesn’t retain any of this. Then, they will stage a beating/mugging after Rooster (in disguise) leaves, to explain Suleiman’s memory loss. They begin preparing and acquiring the necessary supplies.

After social hacking their way into the secure housing complex, Rooster and LS execute the plan succesfully. LS relays necesary info to Rooster over ‘link while keeping Suleiman stunned. Rooster gets the shipment through, after making sure that Ecorj is looking the other way and Esparanza won’t inspect it. He passes proof that Suleiman is a spy to Ecorj as promised and leaves early. They dose Suleiman and sneak back out. LS calls Hassan to tell him the mission is complete, and Hassan tells him that his debt is paid.

The team then begins preparing for the dracoform assassination. They purchase train tickets to New Hlobane, the capitol of the Zulu Nation, to try to find someone to pay them for pissing off Mujaji. They decide to hold off on contactin Lofwyr for now, as they are unsure if involving a dragon in a job for a dragon-killing society is a good idea.



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