Mars City Shadowrun

The End of the Prime Runners

Another Hideout Destroyed!

Dramatis Personae
Tobias Cheney
Atlas Park

The team collects themselves, makes sure the Prime Runner van is destroyed and empty, and finishes off Wakizashi, the injured street sam. Not seeing any other life, they check the nearby area until Daedelus calls and tells them that he has the rigger’s location, and some bad news. Apparently the rigger called a LoneStar contact, and there is a drone strike incoming on their location.

They abandon the hideout to chase down the rigger (and avoid the explosion). TY cuts him off, and they kill him. Tobias hacks his comm while everyone else gets extracted to a medical facility where Saeder-Krupp is footing the bill, Atlas having sold them on this being a necesary expense. They heal up, and T finds out that UB! has a backdoor in his comm that Remus Chandrasekharan had added on some time ago. T erases it.

After LoneStar claims credit for eliminating the fugitive Prime Runners, the team edits together a trideo of the battle, with their id’s concealed in the style of the PR episodes, but with the PR members revealed. Tobias also adds in a “Hamshallow Sends His Regards” announcement, trying to suggest that the PR team was connected to or included that wanted bomber (who is actually Tobias, although only UB! knows this). The team sells this trideo to Knight Errant for a sizable sum, and Elton Massey tells Tobias that their plans have finally borne fruit: KE is getting a bunch of LoneStar’s undercity contracts. EM tells T to have the gangers keep the heat on the Star until the switch, and then back off. T passes this on to One Shot Wade, with his assurances that KE will in turn play fair with the gangs.

The team spends their money on some new armor and gear, feeling slightly underpowered after their run-in witht the PR team. Rooster spends a day focusing on his magical pursuits, and gains some new abilities, such as aura masking. The team then turns to tracking down the diamonds and their thieves at Atlas’ insistence. They review their info about Tamanous and decide to track down some local ghouls, in the hope that they purchase excess metahuman flesh from them. Ibn Hassan points them in the direction of some African ghoul immigrants near his area, and Rooster disguises himself as a ghoul to attempt to put them at ease. TY, Lodestone, and Atlas accompany him.

Meanwhile, UB! receives a call from Tamanous, telling him that due to Ivan’s recent death, they require UB! to take over the role of theirgang turf supplier. He agrees, seeing an opportunity to a) reduce his debt, and b) gain access to info about how to strike out at them. They tell him to have a crew of subordinates help him stow bodies after any lethal firefights, call it in, and load the bodies onto freezer trucks. He agrees.

The team decides to pursue both leads, hoping that one or both will lead to some sweet revenge, and a payday from SK.



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