Mars City Shadowrun

Surveillance Time!

Rooster shows off his surgical skills

Dramatis Personae
Tobias Cheney
Atlas Park

After receiving instructions from Tony Barnes, the team surveilles the Tamanous facility. Tobias carefully hacks in, and adds TY to the list of authorized drivers, and Rooster to the list of authorized doctors on call. UB! then calls in some more bodies (some folks who owed Ibn Hassan some money), and Tamanous calls TY to pick them up, and Rooster to come extract their organs.

The pickup goes off without a hitch, and TY manages to leave some mini-drones behind unnoticed. Rooster, however, has a complete lack of medical knowledge, and manages to stumble through the organ harvesting on sheer charisma, with major assistance from the Tamanous employees, and suggestions from Tobias via Tacnet. TY sneaks one of the drones into an organ package, after they determine that some organs are going to listed hospitals, and some are going to unlisted facilities.

The drone leads them to a wasteland storage facility, where they appear to keep the organs alive by grafting them onto host bodies, which are kept in some sort of induced coma. The team is horrified, to varying degrees. From there, they manage to piece together the Tamanous network a bit more, discovering the locations of two well-concealed wasteland clinics near to Mars City, as well as a back alley dive bar that some of the drivers seem to frequent between assignments.

While observing the bar, Tobias sets up a conversational filter software to alert them to certain keywords being said. It eventually goes off, and they listen in on a convo with a man who seems to be a pilot, and says he came in ‘from the south’. Lodestone astrally follows him, with Baelor’s help, and is able to determine that he is traveling via some sort of sub-orbital flight path, giving him a range encompassing essentially the entire southern hemisphere. LS breifly manifests once the plane stops moving forward, and begins to descend, and finds that it is a medium sized VTOL craft, which performs a difficult looking insertion into a landing bay cut into the side of what appears to be the south polar glacier, based on locally visible constellations.

With this knowledge, LS traces the pilot’s astral signature back to the location of the airfield that he took off from. Tobias prepares to hack in and learn what he can about the flightpath, and the exact location of the base. Atlas contacts Barnes again, as this seems like this may be the main base, and they have found what they can of the rest of the network. He tells the team to exactly locate the base, and they will proceed from there.

Meanwhile, UB! has been haging out with his newest Ultradude, Mike, and teaching him how to shoot with a gun that Jaro provides.

Next up: Polar Assault!



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