Mars City Shadowrun

Session logs

Everyone's running from something....

Want to remember the good times? Share a drink and some tears over the bad? Here’s the place for you. Sit back, and enjoy, as we look back on the exploits of some legendary (or should I say notorious?) Mars City runners…..

session 1: Assault on Weyland Yutani Tower
session 2: Finding the fixer
session 3: Kidnapping the stars
session 4: Kidnapping the stars pt 2
session 5: Meet Mr Johnson
session 6: Meet Mr Johnson Part 2
session 7: Meet Mr Johnson Pt 3 and The structure hitters
session 8: The structure hitters pt 2
session 9: Drugs clubs and helicopter rides
session 10: A hideout no longer and Arcology press tour
session 11: Arcology press tour pt 2 and Return of the Boytoy
session 12: Return of the boytoy pt 2 and Striking the crane clan
session 13: Into Long Pigs Lair
session 14: Into Long Pigs Lair pt 2
session 15: Into Long Pigs Lair pt 3 and a Trip to Little Memphis
session 16: A Trip to Little Memphis pt 2
session 17: A Trip to Little Memphis Pt 3 and The Heist
session 18: The Heist part 2
session 19: A trip to Deimos
session 20: A trip to Deimos pt 2
session 21: The snitch and a trip to Deimos pt 3
session 22: A trip to Deimos pt 4
session 23: A trip to Deimos pt 5
session 24: A Trip to Deimos pt 6
session 25: A Trip to Deimos Pt 7
session 26: Return to Mars and a Visit to Heliopolis
session 27: A Visit to Heliopolis Pt 2
session 28: Ambush at Slot and the Slaughtertower
session 29: A Big Flying Ball of Shadowrunners
session 30: Newbie Shadowrun
session 31: New alliances
session 32: Aggressive Collecting
session 33: Rigging the Meat Drone and the Raid on Longpigs Fortress
session 34: Raid on Longpigs Fortress Pt 2
session 35: Raid on Longpigs Fortress Pt 3
session 36: Planning for the Spaceport
session 37: Through the Doors of Perception
session 38: Operation Bird Problem
session 39: Operation Bird Problem Pt 2
session 40: The Aftermath
session 41: Back in business
session 42: A Gala Event
session 43: Escape and Onward
session 44: CORE
session 45: Inset Hive
session 46: Insect Hive Part 2
session 47: They Only Come Out At Night
session 48: Better Nuke the Place From Orbit
session 49: A Kidnapping and an Exchange
session 50: Phobos Government Moon
session 51: Planar Chaos
session 52: Diamonds in the Rough
session 53: Plots and Betrayals
session 54: Laying Low
session 55: Vending Machines, Gun Deliveries, Detective Work, and More Diamonds
session 56: Craterwards
session 57: Craterwards Part 2
session 58: Let’s Get Outta Here!
session 59: A Daring Escape, an Interrogation, and Some Assassinations
session 60: Raid and Rescue
session 61: Conversation With Dragons
session 62: Some Old Friends Reappear
session 63: The End of the Prime Runners
session 64: To Serve Manburgers
session 65: Surveillance Time!
session 66: Arctic Assault!
session 67: Blastoff!
session 68: CSI: Mars City
session 69: Everything Falls Apart
session 70: The Ballad of Ultraboy
session 71: Meanwhile, In Azania
session 72: Ascent / Descent
session 73: Adventures in the Sun
session 74: Two Threats and A Kidnapping
session 75: To Kill a Dragon
session 76: Dawn of the Artifacts: Dusk Part 1
session 77: Dawn of the Artifacts: Dusk Part 2
session 78: Dawn of the Artifacts: Dusk Part 3
session 79: Nyamkopon Shadows
session 80: Nairobi Nights
session 81: RAID
session 82: The Mercy of the Plow
session 83: O.C.!
session 84: The European Job
session 85: A Betrayal on a Distant World
session 86: The Euro Trip Continues
session 87: Sad Men and Cats
session 88: Zero Zone
session 89: Hoarders
session 90: Murdered Back to Life
session 91: Airships, Pirates, AI’s, UV nodes, Dragons, Artifacts and a Rift
session 92: GeMiTo- Here Be Dragons
session 93: The Dragon War Explodes!
session 94: Entering the Lair
session 95: Hiding in Hamburg
session 96: In A Prison, Out A Mine
session 97: Closing Time in the Dark Realm
session 98: The Vladivostok Job
session 99: The Jackpoint Job
session 100: Dawkins Groupies
session 101: The Istanbul Job
session 102: GeMiTobias
session 104: Ancient Pawns
session 105: Hopping the Fence
session 106: Domestic Tranquilizers
session 107: Grocery List
session 108: Hung Over
session 109: Free Taiwan
session 110: When Animals Attack
session 111: Down, In The Underground
session 112: Back To Bug City


man, it’s amazing that it’s only been 48 sessions, which feels like not very much, but then you look at it and think, holy shit – that’s a lot of story. very cool, man. i’m always stoked to read mission briefs, eric. i’m really glad you keep this current.

Session logs

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