Mars City Shadowrun


Atlas Pays Off His Debt to the Yakuza

Atlas Park

The team meets up with Jane, while Atlas deals with the Yak. He goes to a temple, where he is forced to renounce his titles while being recorded. He also loses both pinkies, as does Jason Park, for the various ways in which they have disgraced themselves and others. Jason actually seems to be getting along with them fairly well, although he is pretty ashamed to have been captured and have forced Atlas into this. Atlas agrees to do a job for them the next day to ensure Jason’s release.

Meanwhile, Jane tells the team that she has another “item” to retrieve, this time in Chicago. She offers reasonable pay once again, and as the team generally likes her, they agree. She tells them she’ll fill in the details on the plane (where they can talk securely) but that the team should stock up on cold weather gear. They will leave the next day.

Atlas hooks up with everyone else, and convinces LS, Rooster, and TY to help him pay off his debt. They carefully avoid commenting on his missing digits and bandaged hands. The job is this: there is a former Importer/Exporter who is now out of the picture, due to the Feds taking an interest in his business. However, it has come to the attention of the Yak that there is a hidden safe in his warehouse that they want retrieved, intact and unopened. The complication is that the Feds are combing the building currently, so the team needs to get in there before they find the safe.

They do some recon, in person, by drone, astrally, and in matrix, and plan their assault using the info gathered plus the building plans the Yak provide. TY makes a local arms connect through a contact of Journeyman Urb’s, and they load up on riot gear, grapple guns, gas mask, and knockout gas. TY steals a reasonable looking getaway car, and they head over. He has previously found a backdoor into the building node, so he enters as they ascend the back of the building on grapples, after his HK drone kills the Feds rooftop surveillance. LS summons Baelor to watch the front, in case the local KE unmarked units down the block move up to support the Feds.

Atlas drops the poison into the furnace/AC unit intake after removing the screen, and TY locks the building’s doors and windows, and turns up the heat. He watches on the cameras as the feds inside start to cough and convulse. However, one of them comes up on the roof (to investiagte the dead drone perhaps?). He busts open the door, and Atlas makes short work of him. The team decides to charge in and finish off the rest, rather than wait for the gas to fully take effect. TY also has his agent kill the agent that the feds have monitoring the building node, although he doesn’t notice until too late that the interior cameras are exporting data to a government address. Oh well, they’re all wearing gas masks.

They make short work of the CSI team on the 2nd floor, only one of whom has managed to get into hazmat gear in time. LS and Atlas dig out the safe while TY and Rooster deal with the 2 security heavies downstairs. Baelor fights off the local KE cops for long enough for the team to make an escape out the back with safe. TY drives them out the Barrens, where they trade for a dilapidated car with a local, and head out to the motel that Jane has rented for them. The Yak come and grab the safe, and tell Atlas his debt is paid, although he is still not welcome in Yak turf without explicit permission. However, Jason tells Atlas the he is staying with the Yak, as they are teaching him important lessons about honor, respect, and tradition that he feels he needs. He tells Atlas to contact him anytime he needs his help of course, though.

The team decides to go shopping for a trip to Bug City in the remaining few hours until their flight.



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