Mars City Shadowrun

Planning for the Spaceport

Hamshallow sends his regards...

Dramatis Personae
Ivan the Jackle
Tobias Cheney
Rolf Soren Ramis
Harmony Craig Bottow
Tamany Clark

The team recuperates in the various medical facilities that they are ensconced in, and begin repairing themselves and their gear. They review news coverage of the raid, and see that all that remains is a smoking ruin. Hermes News is running a commemorative for Yann (whose corpse was recovered) and April (who is presumed to have been immolated, as she hasn’t turned up). Sad. Rolph replaces his human feet with cyber feet, with a modular hover system, as well as built in skates. HCB gets a cyber hand (secondhand-get it? it’s a used hand-ha!), with a magnetic grip, which Tobias amplifies. HCB also purchases 2 anti-vehicle rockets from Ango Tyrell, who finally tracked some down again-the price is enormous, but worth it? UB! heals up quickly, and takes a few days off to go hang out with Jaro, but says he will be back for the actual run. K works on getting in good with his magical order.

Meanwhile, Ivan is working on the lynx and the car at Tamany’s yard, which HCB comes and helps with after leaving the hospital. Ivan whips through fixing the cat, impressing Tamany with his skills. They mount the lmg that HCB recovered from LP’s fortress, and get it rearmored. The damage to the car is serious, but not as severe as they feared, as a lot of it appears to be systems that shorted from the lightning bolt (the lmg fire also left holes, of course). They manage to patch the armor, repair the systems, and install the oil slick sprayer (which has been on hold for quite a while), but don’t have time to get the full camo running again, so Ivan just displays some scrolling ads on the parts that do work. HCB does a second round of combat biking for the Hikagi Iinkai, putting a little more “blood” back into “bloodsports”, to the excitement of the crowd. Two more races until he owns his bike!

Tobias has been working like mad in the shop, and generates some further income by crafting an art display incorporating Halfman’s speech (from the bank heist) etched onto pillars which rise from a shallow reflecting pool when viewers approach. It is powered by magnets. It is totally awesome, and very of the moment. Minkwave quickly finds a buyer. Tobias also helps mod team members guns and such, and tracks down a new suit of serious milspec armor for himself, with a beefed up commlink included (so he now has two serious ‘links). Ivan purchases some IC and some ECCM from Daedelus, and installs it on his drones, so as to maintain comms more effectively over jamming. Tobias and Ivan hack all the team member’s datatrails.

The team also spends time scouting and discussing in-matrix, while engaging in their various other tasks. Daedelus wants them to find a way to detach the shuttle that the TA arrivals are taking down from the tethered space station, cut it loose from the monofilament wire on which it will be riding, and blow it up somewhere a ways removed from the spaceport (so as to avoid damage, which would lead to a much larger investigation + such, which Daedelus wishes to avoid). In return, Daedelus will craft new SIN’s for all team members, as well as covering minor cosmetic surgeries (which won’t interfere with magical essence or anything) such as face and fingerprint alterations.

Ivan and Tobias hack into the spaceport main node, and (granting themselves admin access) search around for a bit. They discover spaceport blueprints, peruse them, and also discover that the shuttles can’t be detached-their tethers are fully sealed. So they decide they will have to detach the shuttle manually, using Rolph’s thermite rod. They find out that the shuttles use two monofil cables: one ascending and one descending, and that they travel at about 120 mph. The team thinks about having K fly everyone up, but decide spaceport airspace is probably well monitored, and decide to ride a shuttle up, exit somewhere along the way, and jump over to the other. They will then try to steer (or let Ivan rig) the shuttle away from the spaceport, before blowing it, and exiting via parachutes. K will be the backup plan to get them off. Ivan and T can’t find any info on rigging the shuttles-it seems different shuttles have different propulsion modes (hover, groundcraft, and flight) and they only have the ident number for the one they want.

They examine the serious security setup, and get the layout of the facilities down. They decide to add pre-screened security clearance profiles (matched to fake SIN’s that Daedelus makes to appear like they are mercenaries hired by Olympus Prime) with biometrics matched to HCB, Rolph, and UB!. The idea is that these clearances will get them on the shuttle with their tools (no weapons though), and then when the “accident” (as the spaceport will hopefully call it) is investigated, the link to OP will be discovered, and OP will get the blame. HCB and Rolph purchase parachutes, and send UB! a message to remind him to get one when he gets back from his romantic getaway. Rolph also restocks on arrows, learns boxing via sim, and gets a cute virtual dog (due to getting distracted while researching famous boxers, and looking at dog pictures instead).

Tobias and Ivan accidentally set off an alarm, and unable to shake it, they jack out. However, they hack their datatrail a few times to avoid anyone backtracing their activities, and Tobias creates a security access backdoor for himself, hoping noone will notice. Feeling pretty well prepped (and totally broke) the team readies for the run….



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