Mars City Shadowrun


Dream Living


The team recuperates in the splendor of The Mountain hotel, Jane having secured them a private suite for a week. LS heals up in the hospital and resummons the banished bound spirit Mordin. The rest of the team restocks on gear and armor, and learns/hones some new abilities and spells. Nomusa Iblis leaves after a few days, feeling restless and unwlecome. He tells the team he is likely returning to Africa, after stopping in Chicago to visit some graves and memorials.

TY also tries to access the sealed-node CarJakkr that resides in his right arm- however, he sets off a databomb while entering the node, and suffers some biofeedback, during which he has an odd vision, and possibly gains some insight into his mysterious past. The Carjakkr is rendered non-functional though.

LS receives a visit from Laibon, the Masai lion shaman who he had agreed to help after the team framed the Masai for attacking the AresSpace train & depot. Laibon tells him that there is a traitor to their movement, who has been snitching to the corps. He has been in corp witsec for a few years, but is apparently going to be in LA to promote a book he wrote about his life (which Laibon says will be filled with lies, no doubt). Laibon wants the traitor (Tomas Abede) made an example of. LS agrees, as this seems easier than dealing with angry shamans, spirits, and freedom fighter/terrorists.

The team finds out that Abede is giving an interview to a Horizon talk show taping the next afternoon. LS purchases tickets and enters, he assenses Abeded during the interview and then leaves, to ID what car he is leaving in. Rooster creates a distraction for the crowds nearby, as TY and Zuberi wait by the parking garage in a stolen car. 2 identical cars leave, but LS id’s which one contains Abede, and Zuberi destroys it with 4 flung high-ex grenades, killing Abede and his 2 corp guards. They flee, and ditch the car in Ancients turf, having paid them to dispose of it and give them a ride back.

Laibon gets in touch and tells the team they will be welcome in Kenya once more. They also receive a call from Jane, saying she has more work. She’ll be out of touch (she’s worried someone is tailing her), but gives them a number to call, just once, to contact her employer and set up a meet. They agree.



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