Mars City Shadowrun

Meet Mr Johnson Part 2

The spaceport raid

Dramatis Personae
April O’Mally
Remus Chandrasekharan
Barry Goldstein
Ivan the Jackle
Mr Johnson

Barry has finally recovered enough to leave Dr Todd’s clinic, although he almost doesn’t want to-wandering around the nearby wastes kind of reminds him of his time in the go-gang back in CalFree. Fortunately, Yoleus has some work out this way, so he doesn’t have to head back into the city quite yet. Having lost a lot of soldiers on all sides of the undercity gang war, all the involved parties are sending out recruiters, both to other parts of the city and to some of the larger/closer settlements out in the wastes-after all, what 17 year old moisture farmer is going to turn down a life of crime and hooliganism in Mars City? The recruiters play off the everpresent trideo and sims glorifying gang life, and get a lot of gullible kids to join up. So Barry heads for the nearby settlement of San Pablo to do some recruiting. While there, he runs into some Black Shadows doing the same thing, and has a good old fashioned showdown. Problem being, he has an assault rifle and grenades and the Black Shadows have pistols. It’s over pretty quick, with three BS goons splattered all over the mainstreet storefronts. Barry shouts out a message to all those listening that the Mad Martians are the new bosses of the undercity, and then bails on foot before the local law enforcement such as it decides to do anything about his display of overwhelming force.

The team talks to the Johnson, and he arranges a pickup point via GPS for them to get some bioexplosives to swap for the drugs at the spaceport-make it all look like a terrible accident, and maybe no-one will notice the theft. Azzie has a private warehouse (as do most corps) at the spaceport, from which they transfer shuttles to the ferry-craft which will travel to Earth. So the team needs to breach spaceport security, and then Azzie warehouse security, without getting noticed. The team arrives at the GPS and sees a strange machine bounding towards them-some sort of monoped, it lands on a tightly coiled spring mounted foot and then bounces forward again, propelling itself over the uneven terrain with remarkable alacrity. It arrives, and the team receives the bioexplosive, as it bounds back off to points unknown. They head back to the city and pick up Barry on the way. The Johnson will get Ivan inside with a disposable car to pick up the team for extraction. Scrounge is returning in the U-haul to wait outside the spaceport to pick up the drugs and team, and then ditch it once they lose any tails. Barry calls Yoleus to try to get more missiles to no avail. Remus hacks the Aztechnology main node, finds an exploitable entrance-prying aside a stone at the base of their great pyramid, he slips inside.

Barry, meanwhile, picks up a car and two Mad Martians (Turgod and Marek). They are to be the distraction at the spaceport, while the rest of the team sneaks in. The Johnson has promised he can limit the local security response for long enough to get in and out, if the team can deal with any external security they pick up. They drive thru BS turf shouting MM slogans to pick up a tail, which they do-three cars full of BS goons follow them towards the spaceport in a running gun battle, 1 car is disabled on the way. Barry manages to blow up one of the spaceport guard towers during the gun battle which ensues on the highway outside. Marek is killed, Turgod and Barry are both heavily injured by the time they finish off the BS goons, they limp back towards their turf in one of the BS cars, while taking fire from the spaceport guards. They drop the body of one of the BS goons in BS turf as a final insult, and get shot up heavily in response, the car barely makes it back to MM turf. Barry’s assault rifle misfires and knocks him unconscious, so Turgod drops him at Fat Carl’s to heal up.

Meanwhile, April begins to sneak in while Remus tries to hack the warehouse security. Unfortunately, Azzie has good security and spots Remus. Worse yet, he doesn’t notice right away and his comm gets pretty trashed before he’s able to jack out, taking some serious dumpshock. He has better luck with the lower level spaceport security (and also some help from the Johnson), and disables some of the sensors before they go on full alert as April approaches. He also provides sniper cover on the remaining guard tower, neutralizing the gunner and spotter. April has a hard time with the fences-firt she gets hung up on the concertina wire and then she get shocked by the inner fence. Still recovering from that embarrassing demonstration, she runs in fear at the baleful glare of an awakened guard dog, after having dispatched it’s human companion in one swift blow. Remus snipes the dog, and April is able to recover her wits and return to the job at hand. Not wishing to attempt to pass the sensors at the front of the warehouse, she decides to sneak in thru roof access. She just notices the pressure pads in time to not set them off, and gains entry thru a vent system. Dropping down, she makes a little too much noise and comes to the attention of a ponytailed and muscular Latin American, who seems to flow around her defenses and ko her. Hearing what might be her death rattle over his comm, Remus calls on Ivan to create an entrance and sprints for the spaceport.

Ivan pulls his car out of cover and rams thru the fences, allowing Remus an easy escape. Ivan jumps into his cab, and begins navigating it towards the spaceport for pickup. Remus manages to snipe (while running) another guard dog and reaches the front of the warehouse in time to shoot the adept off the catwalk before he can deliver the death blow to April. Remus the finishes off the adept with another shot as the ponytailed man races towards him (how does he do this stuff? impressive for a desk jockey). the warehouse workers scatter for cover, and Remus sprints into the warehouse, setting off a series of alarms as he does so. He reaches april, recovers the bio-explosive, and roles her down the stairs-she seems to still be breathing. Running to the shuttle at the rear of the warehouse, he takes a wild guess as to which container holds the drugs (it seems a bit on the small side, but it looks like the most secure) and then sets off the bio-explosive by shooting it (foolishly). He takes serious damage from the blast, but also blows out the back wall of the warehouse, creating an avenue for their ecape, as security teams have reached the front entrance. Remus retreats under fire, hauling April and the box, very slowly, as he’s not exactly well muscled. he eventually passes out from a serious wound from a security guards rifle. Ivan returns fire from his newly arrived rigged cab just in time and is able to swoop in and get everyone into the car as the security team ducks for cover from ongoing autocannon shots. Ivan drives wildly thru the upper city, lower city, and in and out of town, in order to lose the numerous police tails they pick up. Fortunately, his heavily modified car responds more quickly than the first responder cop cars, and he manages to escape to Doc Todd’s. Somehow, the team has survived to fight another day-assuming they can pay their medical bills. otherwise, they might just find themselves stripped for parts.


How does Remus do it? The dice gods have decided that he’s an action hero. That’s the only sensible explanation. (also, they’ve decided that he has no business hacking.)

Meet Mr Johnson Part 2

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