Mars City Shadowrun

Meet Mr Johnson

Working on a convoy

Dramatis Personae
April O’Mally
Remus Chandrasekharan
Ivan the Jackle
Mr Johnson
Ango Tyrell

While the rest of the team was busy with kidnapping shenanigans, Scrounge ran into some bad luck. He was laying low and being cautious, due to rumors of some Striking Crane clan types looking for him, but apparently he wasn’t lucky enough, as he was ambushed in his own mana lodge and nearly killed. He manages to escape thru the sewers and takes refuge in April’s secret hideaway (where she keeps all her runner gear). The assassin also escapes, however, so Scrounge is watching his back. April files a really mediocre follow up to her kidnapping exclusive, but she still appears to be gaining with the bosses to the quality of that first piece. Ango contacts Scrounge with some high paying work, from a certain Mr Johnson that he’s worked with before. Ivan and Remus attend a party at the home of the middle class parents of Ivan’s gang member friend’s Tendo and Lig. However, it turns out the family is all ork posers, and Ivan drunkenly reveals them as such to the real orks in attendance, causing a brawl. Tendo is arrested and detained for a few days.

The team assembles at Fat Carl’s, Ango brings them a U-haul to use on the job. Ivan buys a missile launcher and two missiles from Wade, who was saving them for a special occasion, but is happy about Slot. The plan is to ambush an Aztechnology convoy on it’s way from the arcology to the spaceport, and steal some experimental drugs that they are carrying and planning on sending to Earth. The Johnson is paying by the pound, and tells the team to expect armed resistance. Scrounge parks the U-haul a mile out from the ambush site in the wastes. april sets up a bunch of plastique in the road as a trap and waits with the trigger, Ivan parks across the road with his hood up and blinkers on, hoping to halt the convoy directly over the explosives (which are a ways away from his expensive car, at his insistence). April and Remus both set up with snipers on hills overlooking the road, Scrounge goes invisible and waits up the road from the site with the missile launcher in order to try to get behind the convoy when it stops.

The convoy arrives, but doesn’t seem to be stopping, only slowing to go around. Their is the main truck, two lead groundcars, and two tailing hovercraft. All the outriders have vehicle mounted heavy machine guns. The plastique hurls the lead car thru the air in flames-no survivors. The truck crashes into the hole and gets stuck. Scrounge use 1 missile to shoot down a hovercraft, but the crew survives the hard landing. Ivan blows remaining lead car with autocannon, snipers take out the second hovercraft crew. The team then mops up the goons on the ground and in the truck. Some injuries sustained, but not too bad, amazingly. Disable jammer in the truck cab, and their comms come back up, revealing an urgent message from the Johnson that the convoy was a decoy and the real shipment is already at the spaceport-they better get there post-haste. Unfortunately, Remus has already opened the back of the truck by this point and gets scanned by a sensor array before an auto-destruct sequence triggers. The team flees the newly explosive wreckage and heads back towards the city as the Johnson sends them spaceport plans.



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