Mars City Shadowrun

Meanwhile, In Azania

The Adventures of Nomusa and Zuberi

Nomusa Iblis

After meeting the mysterious man in a suit, Nomusa, Zuberi, and Horza decided to stick together, as they made a good team. Although, as the man in the suit had melted their friend Qualicus, and sent their driver Thankyou to Mars, they were low on muscle and on foot for the time being. Their memories of the whole encounter remain somewhat fuzzy: some sort of mind-alterting spell perhaps? They do remember that the man made short work of a Zulu commando squad, as well as Qualicus, just to get the diamonds, so they decide not to investigate him further for the time being.

The three remaining team members have been working together since then, on various odd jobs in and around Azania, especially in the Cape Town area. They have been working for Ezekiel Grey (a Mr. Johnson for a DeBeers-Omnitech subsidary, who had previously hired the team to clear some Cape Town slums to make way for redevelopment), Arkady (Horza’s merc company contact), and The Butcher (Nomusa’s fixer). Recently, Arkady passed Horza a tip about what went wrong on the mission that wiped out her merc company, and she took off to investigate. All offers of help were refused, as she felt this was something she had to do herself.

Now lacking sniper cover, as well as a driver and a combat monster, Nomusa and Zuberi have been taking any small jobs that come their way, Grey is still running contracts for DBO black ops involving their ongoing turf war with Shiawase. The runners are laying low in the Cape Town port slums, trying to stay off the radar of any Zulu hit squads that might come asking what exactly happened to their commando squad a few months back…

Grey recently contacted them to tell them that their old friend ThankYou would be returning soon, and giving them details of where to pick him and his team up.



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