Mars City Shadowrun

Escape and Onward

So I've been researching nuclear physics....

Dramatis Personae
Harmony Craig Bottow
Ivan the Jackle
Rolf Soren Ramis
Tobias Cheney
Romulus Chandrasekharan
Remus Chandrasekharan

The team is in a tight spot! K is barely holding on to consciousness, HCB and Rolf are both out, and Tobias and UB! are both heavily injured. Ivan, fortunately, is doind fairly well. They decide to try to escape in the stolen SUV to the undercity, as they hear and see sirens rapidly converging from multiple directions. UB! floors it while Ivan navigates and lays down covering fire out the backdoor with the cat. Sadly, UB! is too injured to focus on his driving and his pursuers at the same time, and he gets sidewsiped and crashed into the facade of an office building. K flies into the windshield and is ko’d. UB! helmet gets twisted.

6 LoneStar cars and a SWAT van quickly block off the surrounding streets, and LS cops set up to lay down some serious fire on the SUV if the team doesn’t surrender. Ivan and UB! fire while T hauls HCB into the front of the building. Daedelus calls Ivan and tells him to get into the lobby (this constant streaming is paying off), so Ivan has the cat lay down covering fire while him and UB! toss the other team members through the window and dive through themselves. The cat follows, while covering the street. The cops open fire, so the team has to crouch low while heading to the elevator that Daedelus has commissioned for them. A few grenades are tossed in, the cat blocks one, but the other injures K severely, and twists UB!’s helmet around even further. He is unable to get it off, and crawls blindly for the elevator.

Once the team all makes it inside (some smoke grenades go off in the lobby), Daedelus warns them to hang on, and the elevator rapidly ascends, brakes, and descends even more quickly, before crashing and slamming through the basement floor. Fortunately, the safety features kick in and shoot the elevator full of expanding foam, further wedging UB!’s helmet in place. The team claws their way free, and Ivan begins cutting through the door, while T pulls off UB!’s helm, at the cost of one ear. Ouch! They escape, and crawl free into some service tunnels in the plate. Daedelus guides them (and the cat scouts ahead) to a maintenance hatch near one of the ramps from the undercity, where a spaceport taxi awaits them. They pile in, and speed off to Doc Todd’s, in the hopes of healing before they crash from excessive stimpatch use. They almost make it, but Rolf dies in the lobby, while waiting for admittance.

Luckily, they clear up their admin issues and get everyone into surgery/enduced comas/etc. T takes the longest to heal, most of the rest are out within 5 or so days. HCB has Todd take out the mystery box in his head, after id’ing it as a cranial bomb. He holds onto it (in a cheap safe) for now. T gets some of their medical covered by Knight Errant, but their pay gets reduced after he transfers over the semi-corrupted data. Rolf leaves the hospital for only a short time, as he has to come back following his next Vory pitfight match (he wins this time, beating a fighter known as “The Chain”). His pay barely covers his medical, but he’s working his way up. HCB sets us his next combat bike joust attempt, and hears about a job the Yak want him to look into: there is some corrupted info in their simsense rigs at some of their bunraku parlors, which has given some clients lethal biofeedback. HCB also tries to get in touch with some entertainment lawyers (under his fake SIN) to start marketing Crod Stompaz merch.

Tobias and HCB both take out loans to build themselves a jetpack (HCB) and armor mounted thrusters (Tobias). Tobias also spends some time researching nuclear physics, with the aim of eventually home building a mini-nuke. Just to have one, ya know? He’ll sleep better at night. Ivan does a small job for the Exchange, planting explosives under the paneling in a fancy armored car that a cybered ork brings into Tamany’s. He checks the news for prominent explosions, but only finds some stories about the LS raid- “Terror in the Detention Center” and such. The Ultradudes get bad press, due to letting all the prisoners they ‘freed’ get mowed down by cops. There’s also a profile on Hamshallow, and specualtion about his motives and associates (provided by an “inside source”). Apparently, Chalt and Jerl (Crod Stompaz) were both in the station as well, and remain in custody. There is also an appeal from Romulus, looking for any info on the whereabouts of his brother, Remus, who has been missing for over a week now. This is worrying, as the last time the team talked to him, he uploaded the video of them killing Halfman.

Ivan then looks into the skin note job, and finds out that a lot of the East Asian, African, and East European immigrant communities seem to be experiencing the most disappearances. These are all poorer communities with large populations nearer to the core (traditionally one of the poorest areas of the undercity). Ivan gets some info on payment, but it seems conditional on on what is actually going on, so further investigation is warranted. The Johnson from the Deimos job also gets back in touch with HCB and Ivan and offers them some new work, so the team has a few choices for their next job-not that any of these folks are good to say “no” to…...



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