Mars City Shadowrun

Adventures in the Sun

Azanian Kidnap Squad

Atlas Park
Nomusa Iblis

The team continues their escape, with Zuberi shaping a hole in the community gate to allow the van through. They engage in a running firefight with another pair of Shiawase security drones, and after defeating them decide they need a new vehicle, as theirs is somewhat perforated. They head towards the harbor warehouses to find one. While TY steals a ride, Nomusa notices an SUV that seems to have been following them. He attacks, and LS sends Baelor to assault the occupants while Zuberi shapes the road around the SUV’s tires to prevent their escape. TY gets the new van, and the team loads up, while Baelor chases off the 2 survivors from the tail car.

They head out of the city, and meet the pickup car at the location Ezekiel Grey assigned. However, they seem to have picked up a helicopter tail as well, and a sniper in the chopper blows a hole through DeHaan’s chest (apparently Shiawase doesn’t want him defecting…). LS quickly stabilizes him with a massively overcast heal spell, and they hide in the back of the van. Atlas provides a human shield and soaks a second sniper round, while Zuberi flings grenades at the cloaked chopper, and Grey’s team fires with assault rifles.

Grey’s team brings a 2nd car out of hiding nearby, and one of them switches position with DeHaan, zipping himself into the duffel bag, hoping to deceive the sniper in the chopper. LS summons Baelor to assault the chopper, but he is banished shortly before he manifests. The runner and the 2 cars Grey sent split up and head in 3 different directions, trying to lose the tail. Through reckless driving, and good use of covered lots and such, they manage to escape with minimal additional harassment, and get to necessary medical facilities.

Grey gives LS a pay bonus for his quick thinking on the heal spell, and says that it looks like DeHaan will survive. The team heals up at Universal Omnitech’s expense, and gets paid. They head out, although Nomusa stays behind, to receive some sort of experiemental treatment. Grey tells LS he will be in touch with more work as needed.

LS also hears from Madame Gavral, via the DIVE forum. She puts him in contact with the The Order of St George, which seems to be an order dedicated to slaying dragons and their kin. The Order says that LS will be inducted as a member and gain access to their lodge if he completes a task for them: kill a dracoform allied with Mujaji (the Cape Town-based great dragon). The Order has the job all planned out, and offers to provide some funds for LS to hire a team. He tells them he will be in touch. Zuberi is excited about any jobs involving killing, and TY hates Mujaji, so LS only really has to convince Rooster and Atlas with money. They decide to contact the Zulu Nation (elves opposed to Mujaji), and possibly Lofwyr, who has been squabbling with Mujaji for quite some time.

LS also hears from Ibn Hassan, who is finally calling in the favor owed. He says that there is a group of 40-50 Middle Easterners who wish to emigrate to Mars (under Hassan’s protection) to escape persecution in the Caliphate. There are a few dissident leaders in the group that Hassan is worried might be targeted for assassination also. So, Hassan provides info about 3 immigration officials, including a spy for the ICCB (the Caliphate court), who he wants blackmailed or otherwise forced into allowing the refugees through the Cape Town spaceport, without recording the passage of the prominent figures. LS tells him he will get to work. Hassan says he has a week to prepare.


A perfect opportunity for my hand picked squad of Martian dragonslayers to finally leap into meaningful action. I wonder if I can forge an alliance between my lost tribe and the Zulu Nation…

Adventures in the Sun

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