Mars City Shadowrun

A Kidnapping and an Exchange

More explosions!

Dramatis Personae
Harmony Craig Bottow
Rolf Soren Ramis
Tobias Cheney

The team, newly returned from the destroyed Heliopolis (which the news is claiming was a catastrophic reactor failure), and all healed up, the team awaits instructions. Tobias gets a response from Daedelus to his request for lab time (to manufacture street drugs in mass qunatities). Daedelus tells Tobias that in return for performing a job for the nascent Exchange, they will allow Tobias to use their labs for an unspecified amount of time. The job is to attack the front of a NeoNet corp facility north of downtown, fire upon any LoneStar first responders, and then flee unnoticed. Tobias agrees, but fails to convice the entire team of the job’s necessity/benefits, so only he UB! and Thankyou end up on the job.

Meanwhile, HCB has received a call from the Hikage Iinkai with the first name on the hit list. Kaz Hito-Ishi is a former manager at the bunraku parlor where many of the deaths occurred, and the Yak believes he may have useful info about any involvement of bug spirits. So, they want him alive, unless he can’t be captured, in which case dead will have to suffice. However, Kaz has defected to the Kuro-Mori Nakama, the opposing upper city Yak faction, and is holed up in a safe house on their turf. However, the HI worry he will be moved again soon, as the guy they had following him thinks he might have got noticed. So, the team needs to get there before dark.

Since both jobs need to occur in the same afternoon, the team decides to split up initially and then rendevouz at the kidnapping. Tobias, UB! and Thankyou take on NeoNet, while K scouts the Yak safehouse. TY steals three decent looking cars, and UB! rigs one with an insane amount of explosives (and gas for a fireball). Tobias infiltrates to a tower adjacent to the NN facility and sets up a sniper nest. UB! drives his explosive rigged car to the location, while TY brings up the getaway car. TY has to bribe the guard to let him through from the undercity, as it seems like his SIN is flagged. UB! cons his way through using his bodybuilder SIN.

TY parks around a corner 1 1/2 blocks away, and UB! parks out front, near the entrance. He gets out, and begins walking away, making it across the street from the NN facility before a CorpSec guard comes out shouting “Sir! You can’t park there!”. UB! cons him into approaching, shocks him unconscious, and turns to flee to the getaway car. Some more guards emerge and shoot him in the back (being in disguise, he is barely armored) and he blows the trap car to cover his escape. The explosion kicks up a massive cloud of dust, debris, and shrapnel, as well as the blinding flash and deafening roar. UB1 shuffles to the car, and gets TY to drive him to an undercity hospital after the skin note people refuse to admit him (saying he is being tracked). Ivan the Jackle gives them a streetdoc recommendation, and he gets dropped there. He asks them to dye him a different color, but they seem in a rush to get him under anaethesia, as he is bleeding heavily from his wounds.

TY, feeling superstitious and a bit paranoid, leaves, swapping cars three times on the way to Slot to meet Rolf and HCB. Meanwhile, Tobias ignores the DocWagon first responders, and successfully shoots down an LS chopper as it approaches the scene. He then flees, taking some damage from some of the extreme jumps he makes, and heads towards the HI turf for the next job. TY, watching the news in the undercity, sees that they have ID’d UB! (under hsi fake SIN) based on vid and biometric scans that they conducted on him. There is also specualtion that Hamshallow may have been involved- which makes sense, as he is known to have an ork companion. HCB & TY, fearing for UB!‘s safety, contact Ivan, and find out that the streetdoc’s office was annihilated by some sort of black ops corp hit team, but fortunately Ivan had already extracted UB! (and the doc) after correctly deducing that he had been tagged with tracking round by CorpSec at NN.

UB! wakes up in a Problem Children safehouse, surrounded by gangers, including his crush Jaro. She gives him a ride back to the skin note clinic after he calls and sets up an appointment for major genetech- he needs to make himself into a different person. He buys a bunch of kegs for the PC to celebrate in his absence, though. The rest of the team heads up to rendevouz with K in the third stolen car. Tobias arrives a little early, and sets up a sniper post across the street. K, assensing the house at Rolf’s request, picks up an illusion spell on the property, and decides to dispell that as the team approaches-with them entering immediately thereafter. He does so as TY rams through the fence surrounding the property. It seems the illusion was merely to make the house not stand out, as well as being a minor glamer, so they proceed. T blasts the front door with his gauss rifle, and HCB and Rolf approach while TY covers from the car.

They come under fire from a series of Yak goons, but handily dispatch them. K is attacked by 4 bug spirits, but fends them off with T’s help (using the last of his power pack). They start clearing the house, only to hear a car screech out in the alley behind. HCB rockets over the house, and shoots the driver, injuring him. TY comes around the corner, and frags the car, blowing two tires, while HCB shoots out another. K flies over, and T tries to join, but falls just short on a jump, and smacks the side of the building. Inside, Rolf finds some more reagents and a ritual circle on the floor, but no more goons (or the target, who must be in the car). As the team collectively blasts the car, their target blows out the windshield and flies through- a mage! HCB chases him with rocket pack, while TY shoots him in the leg, slowing him. HCB catches him, grapples him in midair, and then deploys a chute to slow them. K flies up a delivers powerufl knockout to Kaz, and they return to the ground, prisoner in hand.

The team returns to the undercity after delivering the hostage, and hopes they don’t need UB! for anything for the next month or so, as he is going to be in the hopsital for a while….



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