Slogan: The Way To A Better Tomorrow
World HQ: Tenochitlan, Aztlan
Corporate Court Ranking: #4
CEO: Flavia De La Rosa
Major Shareholders: Thomas Roxborough

The national corporation of Aztlan (formerly Mexico and Central America, reborn as an Aztec Empire) heavily involved in food, consumer goods, chemistry and magic. The least-liked megacorp in the shadows, due to its nasty secret projects. Very close connections to Aztlan government, it is unclear which is the tail and which the dog. They have made major advances recently in their global standing, due to a major PR victory over Horizon, as well as a significant military victory, in the recent war with Amazonia. Combined with their defeat of the Great Dragon Sirrurg, this has gained them significant public approval worldwide.

Operates a magical circle called Gladio dedicated to training bloodsport fighters. AZT also promotes the Path of the Sun (the state religion of Aztlan) globally, which has gained significant popularity since Aztlan defeated Sirrurg, the Destroyer, using their Blue 227 nanoweapon. However, AZT’s Project Vulcan may have had something to do with the CFD outbreak in Boston, which could be a major PR nightmare if it got out.

There is also rumored to be a secret order called The Smoking Mirror within AZT/POTS that performs blood magic rituals.

Their corporate military elite is known as The Guerreros. They are divided into 4 orders: Ocelomeh (The Jaguars): the primary warrior group. Cuacuahtin (The Eagles): magical warriors, often command other units. Otontin (Th Brave Ones): deep infiltration specialists. And Cuachicqueh (The Shorn Ones): hard-hitting black ops.

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