Alliance Under Allah

This organization is a combination religious order, and public advocacy organization. Although they are not directly engaged in criminal activities, they are thought to funnel funding from their various activities to some organizations that LoneStar and other securicorps consider terrorists. The AUA is a smaller cousin to the more established New Islamic Jihad.

They are believed to be connected to the Islamist fighting order Jamil Islamyah, a group of magicians and adepts who use their gifts to push for a return to the Caliphate. This organization was largely forced underground during the Middle Eastern Merc Wars, as many of their leaders were targeted for assassination by the Israelis, as well as the resurgent Egyptian dynasts. They advocate a drug and SIM free lifestyle, and do significant (and significantly rare) outreach work to the various poor undercity communities near their base of operations.

Ibn Hassan

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Alliance Under Allah

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