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  • Tony Barnes

    Tony Barnes - Rigger/Smuggler - male human - One of [[Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries | Saeder Krupp's]] many fixers. (serves the same role [[:atlas-park | Atlas]] does for [[Evo Corporation | Evo]]). - Works with Atlas now and then on chemical …

  • Mir Cossint

    Cossint is an [[Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries | Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries]]-employed dwarf female who manages magical corporate security for many of SK's *AGS* holdings. She contracts local mages to aid in ritual spellcasting & assist with spirit …

  • Saul Chronic

    Born and raised in a Saeder-Krupp Arcology in the Frankfurt sprawl to German-Jewish parents Karl and Marina. Karl studied engineering at University and after graduating was employed by the Saeder-Krupp corporation, prospering there and becoming a …

  • Scale

    Hired the mercs and runners for the assault on *Alamais'* compound near GeMiTo. Works directly under [[:lofwyr | Lofwyr]], though he receives paychecks through [[Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries | Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries]].

  • Lofwyr

    Rumored to use the persona of "Hans Brackhaus" when in human form, it is unclear if this is actually the dragon himself or merely one of his agents (or perhaps, on occasion, an imposter?). The richest single being in the 6th World.

  • Abby Kaleesian

    A human woman in her 30's, Abby is a regional head of SK's construction division. She oversees related product shipment and sales, as well as projects they are directly involved with. Considers [[:piggy | Piggy]] a friend, after she helped get Abby out …

  • Jean-Claude Priault

    If he's hiring your team, it's likely to be some nasty work, but the pay is good, and he carefully selects teams based on rep, so you know you won't get paired with amateurs.

  • Ashraf Alcide Hess

    An extremely lucky human merc with a superhuman psychosis and obsession with cutting-edge tech. Ties to both [[Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries | Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries]] and the [[New Islamic Jihad | New Islamic Jihad]].

  • Hans Brackhaus

    A legendary figure in the shadows, supposedly one of [[:lofwyr | Lofwyr's]] earliest backers and advisors in his rise to dominance. Runs many high-end "SK Prime" shadow ops, although the name is now used by many Johnsons (either truly or not) to imply a …

  • Awrah

    The name "Awrah" is commonly used by [[Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries | Saeder-Krupp]] operative in the Middle East. Similar to the name [[:hans-brackhaus | Hans Brackhaus]], there was likely an original operative who used the name before it caught on as a …

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